Accelerate Your Improvement

Regardless of whether you're an individual, a team, a business unit, or an entire organization; We help you improve by maximizing theories tested and proven over time.

Discover how a focus on performance excellence will directly improve your organization's bottom line, increase workforce and customer engagement, and strengthen your organization's leadership and strategic planning.

Iron Sharpens Iron

Connect to a network with like-minded organizations and individuals to leverage shared knowledge and collaborate on performance improvement.

Added Value

Receive a feedback report carefully crafted through hours of examination from third-party examiners. Seasoned applicants know that the greatest business value to their organization isn’t the award, but the personalized feedback report.


The performance excellence framework has helped thousands of organizations worldwide for 30+ years. 2010-2019 award applicants represent 650,093 jobs, 3,209 work sites, and over $181 billion in revenue.

"I am thankful OQF provides a framework for improvement that organizations like ours can utilize."

G.T. Bynum Tulsa City Mayor

What's happening in Oklahoma?

There is always something happening in our corner of the world! We provide training workshops, presentations, and ceremonies celebrating progress. Regardless of what it is, there's an event just for you.